“Gender and HIV” Grants

In July 2019, under the SoS Project, EKHN has launched the 2019 Small Grants Programme. The EKHN Board thoroughly considered 17 proposals and decided to provide the maximum grant amount of USD 4,000 for each of the following selected projects:

1. “Empowering trans community for HIV response in Montenegro”

The Project by the Association “Spectra”, Montenegro.

The project aims at building and empowering of trans community, especially sex workers community, in the critical fields of self-support and self-organizing, education on sex work safety, trans human rights, sexual and reproductive health including HIV prevention and treatment. It includes strategic planning and capacity building activities for trans community. The Applicant is the only NGO in Montenegro aimed directly at promoting the rights and interests of transgender people. It believes that “In order to change quality of our lives we need to contribute to building a strong trans movement which will be educated for protecting our own lives and human rights in society and system”.

The Applicant’s Website and social pages:

2. “Gender and HIV: The Fight Against Stereotypes”

The Project by the AntiAIDS Association, Kyrgyzstan.

The project supports gender assessment among public, trans community, medical and other specialists working with key populations, as well as two extensive workshops in the North and in the South of the country to discuss the gender assessment results. As one of the most recognized NGO actors, the Applicant plans to raise awareness on barriers and bottlenecks the trans community faces towards access to health and human rights protection mechanisms in the country.

The Applicant’s Website and social pages:

3. “Monitoring of the availability of prevention and treatment for transgender people and trans* sex workers”

The Project by the Non-Commercial Foundation “Transgender”, Russia.

This is a small but ambitious research project to explore existing barriers of trans people to key medical services, demand for various interventions, quality in addressing specific needs. The Applicant is an organization being led by trans people and integral to the trans community in the country. The project is expected to meaningfully contribute to the regional data on gender approach and needs of trans people in HIV and other health services.

The Applicant’s Website:

4. “Implementation of TRANSIT in the Republic of North Macedonia”

The Project by the Association for support of marginalized workers “STAR-STAR Skopje”, The Republic of North Macedonia.

“TRANSIT” or “Transgender Implementation Tool” is an internationally recommended approach that contains practical advice on providing HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) programmes among transgender people. The project helps to adapt this important tool for the local trans community in North Macedonia and introduces it within the very first national community-led Health Programme. “Given that this particular tool is currently unavailable, much less implemented, we do consider it vital that the initial steps be taken in the direction of availability, dissemination of information, education and effectuation of this immensely useful practical tool which would greatly support the fragile and marginalized target community”, — states the Applicant.

The Applicant’s Website and social pages:

5. “Visible Trans community — Strong and Healthy Community”

The Project by the Center for Information and Counseling on Reproductive Health — Tanadgoma, Georgia.

In a complicated and trans-unfriendly political climate, this project intends to build capacity of and empower trans community leaders towards reaching their health needs and protecting their rights. The project supports training activities in Tbilisi and Batumi and contributes largely to the development of new movements of trans people at the local level. Tanadgoma is one of the oldest and the most recognized NGOs in the country strongly committed to building independent, educated and empowered trans community and its leaders.

The Applicant’s Website:


In line with strategic goals of EKHN and the SoS Project, the 2019 Small Grants Programme is expected to be a strong contribution to building a well-educated, coordinated and empowered trans community in the Balkan, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South Caucasus regions. It supports a number of capacity building, evidence generation and community mobilization efforts to improve the HIV response and rights protection mechanisms in the targeted countries. The 2019 Small Grants Programme is expected to come up with its results in early 2020. The results will be widely shared and disseminated.