18 November: Start of the EECA INTERACT 2019 Scientific Seminar in Almaty

The First Scientific Seminar “EECA INTERACT 2019” takes place in Almaty on 18-19 November, 2019. The agenda is strongly informed by the current EECA epidemic trends and needs of key populations. It is organized by AFEW with the sceintific support of Amsterdam Institute of Global Health and other recognized global inatitutions. EKHN  presents its two studies on gender approach and existing gaps in coverage of trans people by HIV services at the second day of the #EECA #INTERACT 2019 Scientific Seminar in Almaty. Gender reforms are of critical need at all level of advocacy, service delivery and human rights protection in HIV response.

EKHN presentation along with all other presentations of the EECA INTERACT 2019 are available at: http://afew.org/eeca-interact-2019/