Instruments and Tools

TRANSIT Tool – Republic of North Macedonia

TRANSIT Tool – Republic of North Macedonia

Association for Support of Marginalised Workers STAR-STAR Skopje, a EKHN member since 2019, developed an adapted TRANSIT Tool for trans women in the Republic of North Macedonia. This tool helps to organise respectful, acceptable and accessible services for transgender women. It pays particular attention to peer-led programmes run by and for transgender people in specific country contexts. The tool is the product of collaboration between transgender people, advocates, service-providers, researchers, government officials and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from around the world, as well as international development agencies. Under the project “Implementation of TRANSIT in the Republic of North Macedonia” supported by the EKHN under the 2019 Small GRants Programme, the Tool was translated into Macedonian and used for capacity building workshop for trans people in October 2019.


Tool for assessment of capacity in promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women, girl and TG in Eastern European HIV/AIDS service and KP community based organizations (Gender Assessment Tool)

 Gender Assessment Tool

Alliance for Public Health (APH) and its partners for the first time assign common performance standards for the gender-related work of all partner organizations ensuring greater coherence and accountability. In line with APH’s mandate to coordinate and support the gender equality in HIV/AIDS, the APH has developed this easy to use tool for all partners in carrying out gender equality capacity assessments.


GWG – Gender Working Group Instrument

Gender Working Group Instrument

Approaches for integrating a gender perspective within public health programs have evolved as awareness and understanding of gender and gender norms has grown. More pro-grams are moving beyond simply recognizing the influence of gender roles and are adopting a gender transformative approach that seeks to transform those roles and actively promote gender equity.
To further advance the goals of gender transformative approaches, the Leaders of the APH Regional Programs under the patronage of the APH International Programs Depart-ment and in collaboration with the EKHN Technical Assistance Staff has recently established EKHN Gender Working Group (GWG) and introduced gender synchronization strategies, which recognize the relational nature of gender and seek to coordinate and integrate activi-ties for women, men and transgender in a mutually reinforcing and beneficial way.


Transgender Interventions Survey Tool

Transgender Interventions Survey Tool (in the Russian language)

An interview tool jointly developed by the Alliance of Public Health (APH) and EKHN with the support of the Robert Carr Network Fund (RCNF) to assess the quality of social and medical services for people with biological male gender and psychologically attributable to female gender. This tool is aimed at improvement of the existing system of medico-social care for such people.