Introducing TRANSIT Tool: Implementing Comprehensive HIV and STI Programmes with Transgender People

TRANSIT tool was developed by trans people, programme managers, researchers and development partners who helped to research, draft and review it in collaboration with a coordinating group, that has attended a consultation in Bangkok, Thailand, in July 2015.

This tool is designed for use by public-health officials and managers of HIV and STI programmes; NGOs, including community and civil-society organizations; and health workers. It may also be of interest to international funding agencies, health policy-makers and advocates. It is meant to cover implementation of interventions across the full HIV services continuum, including interventions for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.

More details are available from:

Воведување во ТРАНСИТ алатката: Воведување на сеопфатни ХИВ/СПИ програми со трансродови лица