Regulation on the EKHN Secretariat

 General provisions

  • The EKHN Secretariat is a standing body of the Network and includes the director and staff members who work full time or part time – in accordance with the terms of the contract.
  • The Secretariat is managed by the director and is subordinated to the Founder.
  • The Secretariat is managed by the director of EKHN, who is appointed by the Founder.
  • An office shall be rented for the activities of the Secretariat, if reasonable.
  • The Secretariat shall operate in one of the countries where the Network carries out its activities or at the place of registration.

Key functions of the Secretariat

  • The Secretariat is an executive body of the Network and shall perform its activities within the mission of the Network, its goals, objectives, action plans and strategic plans based on the decisions of the Board and/or the Founder.
  • The Secretariat shall perform the following functions:


  • Ensures preparation and conduction of meetings, sessions, consultations, conference calls of the Network;
  • Ensures that minutes of such meetings, sessions, consultations are taken (prepared) and distributed;
  • Performs preparation of the materials and collection of the information required to conduct meetings, sessions, consultations and/or implement action plans and strategic plans of the Network;
  • Creates conditions for the effective communication and collaboration between members of the Network and the Board members, in particular coordinates collection, systematization, analysis, storage and distribution of information from members of the Network, characterizing their activities within the Network, including applications and profiles from members of the Network, reports on their activities within the Network, etc.
  • Ensures and coordinates communication between EKHN and external partners, such as mass media, donors, international organizations and other stakeholders;
  • Prepares and presents draft letters and applications to government authorities, donors, international and partner organizations as well as other stakeholders;
  • Maintains regular contacts, organizes collection and consolidation of proposals from members of the Network related to the activities of the Network and submits relevant information to the Board;


  • Ensures the development and implementation of projects and programs of the Network to achieve the mission and perform strategic and action plans;
  • Ensures projects and programs performance and activities monitoring, for implementation of which it is responsible, and submits reports based on the results of such monitoring;
  • Prepares preliminary and annual reports to donors on activities of the Secretariat and assists the Chair of the Board in preparing reports on the activities of the Network for its members and all stakeholders, including governmental agencies, donors and international organizations;


  • Performs collection, systematization and analysis of strategic information in Eurasia: research results, analytical reports, publications, statistics data, etc.;
  • Drafts program documents (press releases, position papers, internal policies and procedures, information materials of the Network, etc.) to be revised by members of the Board and/or the Network, and, based on the feedback, finalizes and shares those documents and coordinates the activities to comply with the said documents;
  • Facilitates the receipt of technical support and assistance by members of the Network;
  • Contributes to fundraising, creates a donor database, drafts project proposals, etc.;
  • Ensures monitoring and evaluation in terms of implementation of the Network action plan, achievement of its goals and objectives;
  • Prepares and distributes information messages and news on activities of the Network;
  • Ensures operation of the Network website (regular updates of the information);
  • Contributes to sharing information and experience among the Network members;
  • Performs other functions in line with the decisions of the Board and/or the Founder
EKHN Secretariat Members currently are:
Kyiv, Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine
Alliance for Public Health
Project Finance Manager

Iryna has a Master’s degree in finance and she is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. She started working in NGO sector in 2011, after five-year experience in audit and financial analysis. Iryna is responsible for preparation of regular financial reports for the project, she monitors management accounts, liaises with donors, prepares and processes fund requests for financing program activities, works closely with auditors and inspectors to ensure accurate reporting. Iryna has a profound experience of project finance work in grants of the Global Fund, USAID, European Commission etc.
Kyiv, Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine
Alliance for Public Health
Project assistant

Ielyzaveta has a Master degree in Jurisprudence and currently obtaining the MBA in the Netherlands. She has experience in NGO sector for almost 6 years. She was working as a Project Manager in Ukrainian NGO “Youth Initiative of Cities”. In addition, her experience includes a position of Project Assistant in the National Committee of Ukrainian Red Cross Society. Ielyzaveta is responsible for coordinating the process of communication between project partners; assistance in logistics issues for preparation of events within the project, reporting on project progress and evaluating the framework assess the strengths of the program and identify areas for improvement. Also, she prepares all payments and accompanying documentation for Project National Coordinators, as well as provides general assistance in organizing different activities within the project, assisting in the dissemination of information about the project activities and progress via Alliance web site and Facebook page.
Kyiv, Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine
Executive Director

In his capacity of the Project Director, Karen serves as a liaison between APH, Project national partners, Project teams, Executives, Project stakeholders and EKHN membership. He leads project portfolio, manages activities, initiatives, oversees and develops key deliverables connecting dependencies across strategy, budget and operational plan.
Karen possess diploma of Master of Sciences from Yerevan State University and Doctor of Biology from Armenian National Academy of Sciences. Main topic of studies are immunology, virusology, histology and genetic. He is the author of 17 scientific publications, including studies and research and 23 books and IEC.
From 2006 – 2016, he was the elected chair of “We For Civil Equality” community based NGO in Armenia and working on HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care among key population. Since 2011, he is the Executive Director of the South Caucasian HIV/AIDS Network.
Karen attended more than 100 trainings and workshops, as well as special courses on: Diplomacy, Leadership Styles and Social changes (France, Paris – VI University), Non – Profit Organizations and Civil Society (USA, Brandeis University), Group dynamic (UK, Oxford University), etc.
With 14 years of experience in HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Public Health and Gender, he used to serve as peer reviewer, expert, trainer and consultant for several institutions: amfAR, USAID, UNDP, WHO, USAID, EQUITAS, EATG, GF, MSMGF, etc. In 2014 – 2016, he was the Ombudsperson of EATG and from 2015 he is The Council of Europe SOGI Expert in the framework of the implementation of activities in the field of combating discrimination on grounds of SOGIE.