• We for Civil Equality
    is is the oldest MSM/TG organization in the South Caucasus and works in all 11 regions of Armenia.

  • Gender and Development

    MSM/TG  organization in Azerbaijan which has 3 divisions.

  • BelSet antiAIDS

    the only registered organization on HIV/AIDS in Belarus and unites 17 non-governmental organizations working in 26 Belarusian cities. 

  • Tanadgoma

    information and counseling center for reproductive health issues – has more than 15 years experience and 5 branches in Georgia.

  • Harm Reduction Network

    the Georgian Harm Reduction Network includes 26 public organizations dealing with drug use and drug policy issues.

  • Union for HIV prevention and Harm Reduction

    has more than 9 years of experience in public health coordination programs in Moldova

    unites 23 members in Russia that provide services for the prevention of social pood, LGBT, women, prisoners.

  • Alliance for Public health

    International Charity Foundation, which deals with HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis in Ukraine.


  • “T-ema” NGO  

The Civil Initiative “T-ema” is a voluntary non-profit association of persons with gender dysphoria (disorders of gender identity, transgender, hereinafter referred to as T-persons).


  • Initiative Group “HelpTG” 

Transgender community, initiative group from Belarus

  • “Right Side” NGO

Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO was founded in 2016 by trans activists. “Right Side” is the first and the only NGO not only in Armenia also in the Caucasus

  • “Temida” NGO

LGBTQI Association-Temida is a queer youth non-profit non-governmental organization that mission is to empower LBT women and support to LGBTQI people for their self-realization and full inclusion in the life of society in Georgia.

  • “Transgender” Foundation, Russia
  • “Clean World” NGO, Azerbaijan
  • “New life” NGO, Russia
  • “GenderDOC-M” NGO, Moldova
  • “Kazakhstan Union of PLHIV”, Kazakhstan
  • “Open Medical Club”, Russia
  • “Act for Involvement” NGO, Moldova