Membership in the Network

  1. Members of the Network may include civil society organizations, networks, government agencies, faith-based and business organizations sharing the mission and the goals of EKHN and professionally involved in the areas of HIV, TB and hepatitis prevention, treatment, care and support in KPs or taking an active part in the social life of KP communities, which are located or perform their activities in the territory of Eurasia.
  2. Members of the Network may be Eurasian organizations and networks which comply at least with one of the following criteria:
    • Created by members of KPs and/or KP communities;
    • Conduct activities in the area of HIV/STI prevention in KPs at least in one of the countries of the Eurasian region;
    • Conduct activities in the area of gender and human rights of KPs at least in one of the countries in the Eurasian region;
    • Unite people over 18 years of age (i.e. do not fall under the category of organizations or initiative groups for children and adolescents).
  3. Private individuals may not be members of the Network.
  4. Organizations and/or networks that would like to become members of the Network shall submit official Applications for Membership in the Network (Form 1 – for organizations/networks/initiative groups) and Applicant Profiles (Annex 1 – for organizations/networks) addressed to the Board of the Network. Applications without Profiles shall not be considered.
  5. Decisions on inclusion of members to the Network based on compliance of the applicants with the above-stated criteria, applications and profiles received shall be made by the Application Review Committee consisting of the members of the Board and the Secretariat.
  6. Political parties as well as organizations and private individuals, which are not related to the activities of the Network and are not actively participating in the lives of KP communities, may not be members of the Network.
  7. Membership in the Network is voluntary.
  8. Membership in the Network may be terminated on a voluntary basis upon receipt of a written request from a member of the Network or at the discretion of the Board based on p. 1.9. hereof.
  9. There may be the following grounds to exclude members from the Network:
    • Inappropriate actions towards the Network and its members;
    • Failure to comply with the mission and the goals of the Network;
    • Misuse of the Network brand leading to negative consequences for the Network, its members and reputation;
    • Lack of visible activities within the Network for 12 (twelve) months;
    • Any corruptive activities related to the Network.

Rights and obligations of the Network members

Rights of the Network members:

  • Take part in meetings of the Network.
  • Take part in elections of the Board; nominate their own candidatures as members of the Board.
  • Get complete and unrestricted access to all types of services offered within the Network as well as to reports on the activities of the Network and its governing bodies.
  • Submit proposals on all matters related to the Network activities; take part in the dialogue on such matters.
  • Develop and implement projects within the Network and participate in the implementation of interregional projects.

To become a member please ask the membership form and submit it to our secretariat at